Friday, November 28, 2008

Flourish Bhagat Singh, in the land of Mahatma Gandhi

May 13, 2008: A series of six explosions tore through Jaipur, a popular tourist destination in the Rajasthan state in western India, killing 63 people and injuring more than 150.

July 25, 2008: Seven blasts in quick succession across the south Indian tech city of Bangalore killed one and injured more than 150 people.

July 26, 2008: Serial blasts in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad killed 45 people and injured more than 150. A group calling itself Indian Mujahideen claimed responsibility.

Sept. 13, 2008: Five bomb blasts in New Delhi's popular shopping centers left 21 people dead and more than 100 injured. The Indian Mujahideen claimed responsibility.

Sept. 27, 2008: A blast in a New Delhi flower market left one dead.

Oct. 30, 2008: Thirteen bomb blasts in India's northeastern state of Assam and three other towns left at least 61 people dead more than 300 injured.

Nov. 26, 2008: Terrorists attack the financial hub of the country, Mumbai. This was a co-ordinated strike by terrorists that were carried out at multiple locations to create maximum impact. 125 killed, more than 350 injured.

(Source: Wall Street journal)


Seven attacks across the length and breath of the country in the last 11 months. That averages to nearly one attack every 45 days.

This country does not have a Taliban that runs amock with assault rifles and RPG's. This is not Iraq where fundamentalist forces place road-side bombs for fun.... what is going on with this country?.

What a wonderful Prime Minister we have?. He comes on national TV to condemn the bombings?. Who cares for your condemnation when it took you two hours to convene an emergency meeting?. What was he doing for this 2 hours?... waiting for hot water to take bath?

Nearly three hours for the NSG commando's to be deployed, only for them to find that they don't have any building plans of the 2 Hotels or any person on ground for a briefing. The same mistake was commited during the Kandahar Hijacking, yet we seem to have not learnt anything from that.

What the !@#$ is the Home Minister for?... He claims that there was no credible intelligence. These terrorist were not using AK-47's, they were running on around with HK MP5 variants. You don't simply go to a market and buy an MP5 rifle!. Some guy spends 50,00 bucks buying provisions and no body raises any eyebrow?. Does seriously expect me to believe that some bloke spending 50,000 rupees buying provisions at your "friendly" local supermarket is normal in this country? What is the excuse?... that he thought this bloke was buying stuff for a whole bloody apartment complex?

I feel frustrated and helpless at what is happening. It is sad that in the land of Mahatma Gandhi, one is looking towards Bhagat Singh for inspiration in such times of distress.

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Venkatesh G said...

All but the Home Minister knows is to change clothes.
Not only you, Millions of indians are frustrated.
I don't know what the bloody 'f' is happening ??